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On January 7, 2022, Isuzu Vietnam held the online launching of “Isuzu Master Truck with Euro5, GREEN POWER”, complying with Government’s roadmap on emission standard in Vietnam, contributing to environmental protection and the sustainable development of society.

On this Isuzu Master Truck launching, Isuzu Vietnam has introduced the high-quality product line-up of Euro5 emission standard trucks, including:

 – Isuzu Master Truck Q-Series, which has become “Truck for everyone” just after over 10 years available in Vietnam market.

 – Isuzu Master Truck N-Series, is the “Smart choice” of customers in the light truck segment.

 – Isuzu Master Truck F-Series, offering the “Perfect solution” for medium, heavy-duty, and long-distance transportation.

 – In addition, there are also special-purpose vehicles developed on Isuzu Cab-Chassis, meet variant usage and needs of society.

Isuzu Master Truck Euro5 Green Power Line-up

Over 25 years of presence in Vietnam, Isuzu products have been trusted and highly appreciated by customers with many outstanding advantages: SAFETY – DURABILITY – FUEL EFFICIENCY – ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLINESS.

With the launch of new high technology trucks, Isuzu Vietnam focuses on improving technology to meet emission standards, at the same time introduces many new upgrades to help customers have more choices as well as a better experience for vehicles.     

As an automobile manufacturer who always leader in upgrading and improving new products, Isuzu also has more than 15 years of experience in Common Rail Diesel engine systems with a nationwide warranty network. It will be confident and always ready to meet all customer requirements. 



Isuzu Master Truck Q-Series “Truck For Everyone”:

The new Isuzu Master Truck Q-Series brings many breakthrough marks from exterior design to equipment. The Isuzu Master Truck Q-Series Euro5 has been upgraded in design with the spacious cabin typical design of Isuzu trucks to provide more space; while increasing the size of the rear body to help carry more goods. The front of the vehicle impresses with the grille consisting of large horizontal bars that help the vehicle become stronger.

Isuzu Master Truck Q-Series brings many breakthrough marks from exterior design to equipment

The upgraded front light cluster provides better illumination. The turn signal light system is bigger, helping to increase identification, and the large rearview mirror helps the driver to easily observe and ensure safety when traveling. One of the outstanding upgrades in the new Isuzu Q-Series Master truck is the cabin air conditioning system imported from Japan combined with 4-way adjustable steering wheel to provide better user experience.

Isuzu Master Truck Q-Series with Euro5 Green Power interior

In addition, the engine of the new Q-Series Master Truck is also upgraded in power, with 15% increase in power and 25% increase in torque compared to the previous generation. The Q-Series Master Truck can reach the maximum torque mark at 1,500-2,900 rpm, earlier than the old model at about 2,000-3,200 rpm. Upgrading the engine helps the Q-Series have better performance and heavy load capacity, fast acceleration and fuel economy, and advanced emission treatment system in accordance with Euro5 standards, contributing to reducing emissions, starting the trend of “green” transportation.

Isuzu Master Truck N-Series Is The “Smart Choice” Of Customers In The Light Truck Segment:

Isuzu Master Truck N-Series Euro5 continues to inherit the strong and modern design of the previous generation. At the same time, also possesses many outstanding features: large tool box, convenient to store many large-sized items; 5V – 2A USB fast charging port is the optimal solution for electronic devices on long journeys. Especially, Master Truck N-Series Euro5 is integrated with advanced diesel engine emission treatment technology, helping to minimize emissions to the environment.

Isuzu Master Truck N-Series interior

Isuzu Master Truck F-Series, Offering The “Perfect Solution” For Medium, Heavy And Long Distance Transportation:

Isuzu Master Truck F-Series Euro5 includes products with payload from 11-24 tons, offering a variety of choices in transporting medium, heavy goods and long-distance road.

In addition to the general changes, each model of the Isuzu F-Series Euro5 has its own worthwhile upgrades. The engine of Model FRR has been improved with 10% increase in power and 25% increase in torque at the low range of 1,600 rpm. Thanks to that, this model has the ability to accelerate quickly, withstand heavy loads and excellent mountain pass. The new design of the grill helps FRR own a stronger and more sturdy exterior.

The engine of Model FRR has been improved with 10% increase in power and 25% increase in torque

Isuzu Master Truck F-Series is especially aimed at comfort, convenience and safety for the driver on long journeys with a series of equipment such as: Model FVR equipped with Air Seat; Model FVM/FVZ is upgraded with full suspension to increase driver comfort when driving long distances. Not only that, FVM/FVZ is also equipped with an electronic cabin lifting system, which helps to support the easier and safer lifting of the cabin.

Isuzu FVM with Euro5, Green Power is upgraded with full suspension and equipped with an electronic cabin lifting system

Besides the Isuzu Master Truck Euro5 Green Power, Isuzu Vietnam also introduced to customers the new Isuzu – QKR Cool Express. The product is integrated with a large capacity 90A generator, ensuring sufficient power to operate both the vehicle and the rear body. Besides, the air conditioning system equipped with Thermal Master – a reputable brand with high quality in the Vietnamese market. Therefore, QKR Cool Express possesses the outstanding cooling capacity, with a temperature that can reach -18 degrees Celsius, providing the optimal solution for cold transportation needs. In addition, with the warranty policy of both the vehicle and the body from Isuzu Vietnam, customers can completely invest and use the product with confidence.

For more information, please contact Isuzu Vietnam’s official website: www.isuzulocphat.com or the nearest Isuzu dealers.


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7 January, 2022

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